Charity Holiday Cards

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but everyone is already starting to think about Christmas!  Normally, I hate the rush towards Christmas that seems to start as early as September, but this year I’m joining in.  Sometimes you just really need to start getting excited about the holidays!  

As a grad student, it can be challenging to buy meaningful presents for friends and family without breaking the bank.  I will do a post in the future with my favorite present picks.  But a great, cheap and thoughtful gesture is to send everyone special in your life a warm holiday message in the mail.  Often a kind hand written message delivered by the mail man or mail woman is more appreciated than whatever little trinket you might give instead.  And we don’t send enough mail to our friends and family these days!

If you’re crafty, you’ll make a handmade card that will wow your loved ones.  If you’re me, you’ll buy charity holiday cards for a good cause.  My pick this year?  A classic in the field of charity Christmas cards: UNICEF.  They have some great retro designs this season.  Be sure to start making or purchase your holiday cards now so that you’ll have them ready to go in time for the holidays!


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