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Every Blog Begins with a Single Post

November 17, 2008

Maybe you’ve come across Gwyneth Paltrow’s new lifestyle website, GOOP.  Although her advice about how to “nourish the inner aspect” has already met with quite a backlash, there’s a part of me that does enjoy her newsletters about little black dresses and turkey ragu.  (The ones about eliminating sugar and detoxification cleansing?  Ehhhh, not so much.)  

But taking lifestyle advice from a celebrity can be pretty hard to swallow, even in the best case scenario.  Like Gwyneth, I’m on a quest to make my life good in terms what I eat, where I go and what I do (professionally and personally).  Unlike Gwyneth, I have quite a limited budget in terms of time and money.  

This blog is the story of a grad student trying to live the good life.  It ain’t always easy on my limited stipend and with a seemingly endless amount of work to do.  But I’m trying.  I hope you’ll join me as I share my attempts.